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I \t, Chapter 1: Designing Applications
Ice Cream Shop example
database \i \rdatabase1, Designing the Ice Cream Shop Database
Ice Cream Shop example \i \rIceCream1, The Ice Cream Shop Application
IDE (integrated development environment) \i \rIDE1, The VBA IDE
identifiers \i, Why is the Code in Different Colors?
If statements
Else clauses \b \rElse1, If...Then...Else...
ElseIf clauses \b \rElseIf1, ElseIf...
If statements \i \rIf1, If...Then...
IIf keyword \i \rIIf1, IIf, Immediate If (IIf)
IIS (Internet Information Server) \rIIS1, Active Server Pages
Immediate window, Parameters or Arguments, Try It Out-Examining a Variant, Try It Out-How Null Propagates, Try It Out-Dates, Local Variables, Static Variables, Try It Out-Module Variables, Hovering, Visual Basic Errors
Immediate window \i \rImmediate1, Testing the ReportHistory Function in the Immediate Window, The Immediate Window
Immediate window \rImmediate1, Function Types, Working with Recordsets
Immediate window \rImmediate2, Function Types
Immediate window \rImmediate3, Function Types
Immediate window \rImmediate4, Variable Scope and Lifetime
Immediate window \rImmediate5, Local Variables
Implements keyword \i \rImplements1, Polymorphism through Early Binding
ImportXML method, Application object, New Object Properties & Methods, How to Export a Table as XML
ImportXML method, Application object \rImportXML1, XML
in-line code \i \rinline1, Use In-Line Code
in-line UDF, SQL Server, User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
creating, example, User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
Index objects, DAO, Working with Tables
Primary property, Working with Tables
Required property, Working with Tables
Unique property, Working with Tables
Index objects, DAO \rIndex1, Working with Tables
Index objects, DAO \rIndex2, Working with Tables
Index property, DAO Recordset objects \rIndex1, Try It Out-Using the Seek Method
SQL Server migration, Upsizing Wizard, Running the Upsizing Wizard
indexes \i \rindexes1, Use Indexes
indexes \i \rindexes2, Search on Indexed Fields in Attached Tables
inheritance \i \rinheritance1, Inheritance
inheritance \i \rinheritance2, Inheritance
Initialize event \rInitialize1, The Class Initialize and Terminate Events
Insert Subdatasheet dialog, Sub Datasheets
instances, classes, Differences between Classes and Modules
instances, classes \i, What Are Objects?
instances, forms \i \rinstances1, Creating Multiple Instances of Forms
Integer type, Variable Types, Use the Right Data Type, Use Integer Arithmetic Where Possible
Integer type \i \rInteger1, Integer and Long
integrated development environment (see IDE) \t, The VBA IDE
interface inheritance, Inheritance
interface inheritance \i, Inheritance, Try It Out-Using the Implements keyword
interfaces \i \rinterfaces1, The Interface, Abstraction, Interfaces and Object Models
interfaces \i \rinterfaces2, Building the Interface
Internet \i \rInternet1, Chapter 18: The Internet
INTO clause, SQL SELECT statements \rINTO1, Using a Matching Records Table
intrinsic constants \i \rintrinsic1, Intrinsic Constants
IsArray function, The IsArray() Function
IsMissing function, When to Use Variants
IsMissing function \rIsMissing1, Optional Arguments
IsMissing function \rIsMissing2, Default Values
IsMissing function \rIsMissing3, Variables
IsNull function \rIsNull1, The Null Value
IsNumeric function, If...Then...
IsZoomed function \rIsZoomed1, Creating Custom Properties for Forms
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