Writing Add-ins for Visual Studio .NET

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Les Smith


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Writing a book is not an easy job. Living with a person who is writing a book can be even harder. I dedicate this book to my loving wife, Ellen, who has stuck by me and encouraged me, not only during the months that it took to write this book, but also through the many years of laboring in software development, gaining the experience that led to the writing of this book. She encouraged me to keep going when the research I had to do did not seem to yield the data that I needed to continue. She stuck by me as I wrote, hour after hour, night after night, on a seemingly endless task. I thank her for her patience, understanding, inspiration, and love.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
ISBN: 1590590260
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 172
Authors: Les Smith

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