Appendix B: Quick Reference-How Do I ?

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Forms within .NET can no longer be manipulated behind the scenes as they could in VB 6.0. The forms are still text files, but the code that creates components cannot be manipulated directly in the text file as it could in VB 6.0. The extensibility objects for programmatically manipulating forms within the IDE are available. They are complex and abstract. The objects listed in this section are the basic starting objects with which you must work.

IComponent (Interface)

The IComponent interface allows you to create and manipulate components on a form.

IDesignerHost (Interface)

The IDesignerHost interface allows you to manage designer transactions and components. You must use this interface to manipulate forms and their contained components.

ObjectExtenders (Object)

The ObjectExtenders object gives you access to automation extenders. See the MSDN topic "Implementing and Using Automation Extenders" for more information on automation extenders.

PropertyDescriptor (Object)

The PropertyDescriptor object allows you to reference and change properties on a form or a component on a form.

PropertyDescriptorCollection (Collection)

The PropertyDescriptorCollection collection contains a set of PropertyDescriptor objects. It allows you to select a specified property from the collection of properties of the component or form.

SelectedItem (Object)

The SelectedItem object represents a selected project item or items in the IDE.

SelectedItems (Collection)

The SelectedItems collection contains the SelectedItem objects in the IDE.

TypeDescriptor (Object)

The TypeDescriptor object provides information about the properties and events of a component, including a form.

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