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This appendix contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) by add-in developers. Specifically, it addresses FAQs that begin with "How do I". Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of subjects. It is simply an attempt to provide answers, either in text, code samples, pointers to material covered in the book, or all three, that relate to the most frequently implemented functionality in add-ins.

You will also find some answers to questions on some of the more complex issues that may have not been covered in the course of the book. You can assume that each section is prefaced by "How do I" and followed by a question mark.


Some of the code examples that follow use the DTE object, and some reference oVB (application object). The use of DTE means that the code has been tested in the Macros IDE and will work in an add-in by changing to reference from DTE to oVB.You can execute the add-in examples in a macro by switching from oVB to DTE. There are a few cases where code has been tested in an add-in but it will not work in a macro. Specifically, any use of IDesignerHost in a macro will fail.

Because most of the code examples are short or can be found in the code already provided in the code samples for the respective chapters, no downloadable code is available for this appendix.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
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