Define Class CSS styles when you want the ability to select text and apply formatting. Class styles always appear in the code with a period (.) preceding the class name. GoLive automatically inserts this period for you if you fail to do so when naming your style. The CSS palette contains all the Class styles defined internally and any imported external style sheets. Use the CSS palette to apply styles to your text, as shown in Figure 37.15:


Select some text or other items on your page that you want to format with a CSS style.


Choose from the following options in the CSS palette to apply styles:

  • Inline Style: Format the text inline, applying only to the selected text.

    To apply the style to the entire page, select the body tag in the markup tree at the bottom of the Layout Editor.

  • Block Style: Create a separate division from the regular flow of the HTML text.

  • <p>: Although this applies to entire paragraphs, you don't have to select the entire paragraph. Click somewhere in the paragraph to apply this style.

  • <body>: Apply the style to the entire page.

  • Specific Tags: Depending on what you select, the CSS palette displays different options. For example, if you have your cursor inside a table cell, the <td> tag is available.

Figure 37.15. Use the CSS palette to apply styles.

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