Content Creation Workflows with Apple s Professional Applications

Content Creation Workflows with Apple's Professional Applications

In this appendix, we'll examine how professionals can leverage the latest generation of Apple applications in a round-trip production environmentan environment where media and project files can move seamlessly between the different stages of the creative process, and where changes made at one stage, with one application, are automatically reflected in the other stages, in other applications.

For an individual in a home or project studio, this may involve working with multiple applications on the same computer. For the independent artist collaborating with a larger studio, this may include the transfer of media and projects on FireWire drives or a via a wide area network. And for a multi-seat, full-service production facility, this may involve a collective of artists, editors, and engineers accessing terabytes of data on a fiber channel storage area network.

Apple's professional applications have been designed to work in all of these scenarios and are helping to drive the industry in a new directionone where reasonably priced "off-the-shelf" software can be used effectively to create award-winning content. Just ask the dozens of Academy and Emmy award winning editors who now cut their films and TV shows on Final Cut Pro, or any one of the hundreds of musical artists whose Grammy awardwinning songs were composed on Logic. But enough about them alreadylet's look at how you can use these tools to create masterpieces of your own.

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