Hacking Windows Vista (ExtremeTech)

Steve Sinchak

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Hacking Windows Vista: / Steve Sinchak.
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To my fiancée, Stephanie, and to my family

About the Author

Steve Sinchak is an entrepreneur who has started several technology-related businesses. Steve is currently running a web development firm known as Advanced PC Media LLC, which owns and operates several Web sites geared toward computer enthusiasts. In addition to writing for his Web sites and running Advanced PC Media LLC, he works as a Systems Engineer for a Global 100 company in the financial services sector.

Steve has been working with computers for more than 15 years. Starting with a desktop that had a 286-based processor, 1MB of RAM, and Windows 3.1, he taught himself how to make Windows run faster on the slow hardware. Driven by a strong curiosity to understand how Windows works, he spent countless hours researching and experimenting with its inner workings and features. Over the years, he has worked closely with all versions of Windows. In 2005 and 2006, Microsoft honored him with the Most Valued Professional (MVP) award for his work with Windows and his contributions to the Windows community.


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I want to thank my fiancée, Stephanie, for her support and understanding during all the time I had to take away from her in order to meet deadlines and get this book finished. Thank you for helping me with my other work and for taking care of me when I was short on time. I love you very much.

I also want to thank everyone who has helped me over the years succeed in the computer industry. I want to thank my Uncle Ron for his help in getting us our first 486 (with turbo button!) and many other computer upgrades over the years. I want to thank my Computer Science and Business professors at my alma mater, Marquette University, for teaching me exactly how a computer works, from high-level programming all the way down to the basic electric components.

I also want to thank everyone involved in this book at Wiley for their help and advice.

Hacking Windows Vista
Hacking Windows Vista: ExtremeTech
ISBN: 0470046872
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Year: 2007
Pages: 105
Authors: Steve Sinchak

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