Things to Remember

  • The configuration of the SAP R/3 Query tools specific to the HCM module is not significantly different from the configuration for other SAP modules.

  • Three logical databases are designed for reporting in the HCM module: PnP, PcH, and PaP. PnP is the most common; it includes all infotypes from the Personnel Administration submodule.

  • You should create as few InfoSets as possible to eliminate redundancy. You should create one master InfoSet for each logical database.

  • The ability to access infotypes from the Personnel Administration submodule by using the logical database PnP is a special feature made available in SAP version 4.0.

  • When reporting based on Personnel Administration and Personnel Development data within the same SAP query, on the selection screen, you specify an object type and enter an evaluation path.

SAP Query Reporting
SAP Query Reporting
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