A Vision for the Future

By James Wilson and William J. Harding

This book would not be complete without a high level overview of how the .NET E-Business Servers are evolving into a powerful set of tools and technologies. The future vision for Microsoft's .NET E-Business Servers is "better together." This strategy addresses a broad set of processes and services necessary to establish a trading network, business portal, customer relationship management and profiling, product management, content management, and integration with existing line of business applications. In this chapter we provide a quick review of .NET E-Business Servers along with solutions available today, and an overview of e-business processes and services that Microsoft's vision for future will address.

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Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft. Net Server Solutions for the Enterprise
Microsoft .NET Server Solutions for the Enterprise
ISBN: 0735615691
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 483

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