Chapter 12 -- Development Deliverables

Chapter 12

About This Chapter

This chapter discusses how to move from the Planning Phase to the Developing Phase in the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Development Process Model, using the application's Functional Specification and design. As many applications suffer from poor implementation, the transition between these two phases must emphasize the importance of writing solid application code.

An application comes alive during the Developing Phase, but not without potential difficulties. In this chapter, we'll examine the creation process, including how the various team roles function during development. We'll explore testing, bug tracking, and the "zero-defect mindset," and also show how the project team makes effective trade-offs. In addition, we'll discuss how multi-layer application designs can be implemented as monolithic, client/server, or distributed as multi-layer applications. Finally, we'll explore the end of the Developing Phase, when the Scope Complete Milestone is reached, and all product features and original code are incorporated into the application.

The principles and guidelines provided in this chapter are based on our own experience in creating application architectures and implementing of enterprise applications, along with the following resources:

  • Microsoft Solutions Framework
  • Jim McCarthy's Dynamics of Software Development
  • Steve Maguire's Debugging the Development Process
  • Steve McConnell's Software Project Survival Guide
  • Mary Kirtland's Designing Component-Based Applications

The majority of information in this chapter is derived from the MSF Development Process Model and is based on the MSF Principles of Application Development course #1516.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify interim milestones and deliverables that lead to the Scope Complete and First Use milestones.
  • Understand the roles played by individual team members during the Developing Phase.
  • Apply a zero-defect mindset to development projects.
  • Understand the testing process's impact on software quality.
  • Understand the bug-tracking process.

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