List of Tables

Chapter 2: Information Technology

Table 2.1: Performance Metrics Relevant to a Software Application
Table 2.2: Estimated Improvement in Performance per Unit Cost for the Information Technologies
Table 2.3: The Four Historical Overlapping Phases of Computing
Table 2.4: Scaling Laws for MOS Integrated Circuits with a Fixed Electric Field Intensity

Chapter 4: Creating Software

Table 4.1: Typical Phases in a Waterfall Model of Software Development
Table 4.2: Considerations in Choosing Single-Stage Compilation vs. Interpretation
Table 4.3: Examples of Middleware Services That Would Extend the Infrastructure Utility Model

Chapter 5: Management

Table 5.1: Stages of the Software Supply Value Chain and Their Generic Tasks
Table 5.2: Generic Types of Software Releases
Table 5.3: Characteristics Ascribed to Different Types of Releases
Table 5.4: Four Major Threats to Information as It Crosses a Network
Table 5.5: Issues to be Addressed in Privacy Policies
Table 5.6: Examples of Access Control Mechanisms Enforced in the Infrastructure

Chapter 6: Software Supply Industry

Table 6.1: Considerations in Choosing an Application and Its Supplier

Chapter 7: Software Creation Industry

Table 7.1: Description of Layers Shown in Figure 7.5
Table 7.2: Core Competencies Relating to the Software Industry
Table 7.3: Examples of infrastructure Defined by Application and Technology Dependence
Table 7.4: Methodologies for Building Software on an Existing Code Base
Table 7.5: Properties That Distinguish a Component
Table 7.6: Industrial Contexts for Development Methodologies

Chapter 8: Government

Table 8.1: Generic Types of Source Code Software Licenses
Table 8.2: Approaches to Copy Protection

Chapter 9: Economics

Table 9.1: Examples of Pricing Options for Software Applications
Table 9.2: Costs in Supplying Software to the End-User

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