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UNIX to Linux® Porting: A Comprehensive Reference
By Alfredo Mendoza, Chakarat Skawratananond, Artis Walker
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub Date: April 12, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-13-187109-9
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-13-187109-0
Pages: 720

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   Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development Series
   About the Authors
    Chapter 1.  Porting Project Considerations
      Section 1.1.  Software Application Business Process
      Section 1.2.  The Porting Process
      Section 1.3.  Defining Project Scope and Objectives
      Section 1.4.  Estimating
      Section 1.5.  Creating a Porting Project Schedule
      Section 1.6.  Porting Process from a Business Perspective
      Section 1.7.  Annotated Sample Technical Questionnaire
      Section 1.8.  Summary
    Chapter 2.  Scoping
      Section 2.1.  Compilers
      Section 2.2.  Java Environment
      Section 2.3.  Build Environment
      Section 2.4.  Linux Shells
      Section 2.5.  Packaging
      Section 2.6.  Project Management Tasks
      Section 2.7.  Summary
    Chapter 3.  Analysis
      Section 3.1.  Linux Standards
      Section 3.2.  GNU libc
      Section 3.3.  GNU Scientific Library
      Section 3.4.  Shared Libraries
      Section 3.5.  Library Versioning
      Section 3.6.  Dynamic Linker (or Runtime Linker)
      Section 3.7.  System Calls
      Section 3.8.  Large Page Support
      Section 3.9.  The Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL)
      Section 3.10.  Internationalization (I18N) and Localization
      Section 3.11.  Big/Little-Endian Environment
      Section 3.12.  32- to 64-Bit Migration
      Section 3.13.  Summary
    Chapter 4.  Porting Solaris Applications
      Section 4.1.  Preliminary Tasks
      Section 4.2.  General Differences
      Section 4.3.  Compilers
      Section 4.4.  Linker
      Section 4.5.  Porting Shell Scripts to Linux
      Section 4.6.  Internationalization and Localization
      Section 4.7.  Make
      Section 4.8.  Debugger
      Section 4.9.  Threads
      Section 4.10.  Signals
      Section 4.11.  System Calls
      Section 4.12.  System Libraries
      Section 4.13.  Solaris and Linux APIs
      Section 4.14.  Scientific Library
      Section 4.15.  Large Page Support
      Section 4.16.  Some Solaris Nonportable Programming Practices
      Section 4.17.  Summary
    Chapter 5.  Porting AIX Applications
      Section 5.1.  Preliminary Tasks
      Section 5.2.  General Differences
      Section 5.3.  Compilers
      Section 5.4.  Make
      Section 5.5.  Linker
      Section 5.6.  AIX Versus Linux Shared Library Creation
      Section 5.7.  Dynamic Loading
      Section 5.8.  Template Instantiation Differences Between AIX and Linux
      Section 5.9.  C++filt Utility
      Section 5.10.  System APIs: AIX/Linux
      Section 5.11.  Selected AIX/Linux System API Comparisons
      Section 5.12.  Some AIX Nonstandard Programming Practices
      Section 5.13.  Signals
      Section 5.14.  Network Programming
      Section 5.15.  Interprocess Communications
      Section 5.16.  POSIX Threads
      Section 5.17.  Large Page Support
      Section 5.18.  Common APIs
      Section 5.19.  Summary
    Chapter 6.  Porting HP-UX Applications
      Section 6.1.  Preliminary Tasks
      Section 6.2.  General Differences
      Section 6.3.  The Compilers
      Section 6.4.  Linker
      Section 6.5.  Library Versioning
      Section 6.6.  Dynamic Linking and Shared Libraries
      Section 6.7.  Porting Shell Scripts to Linux
      Section 6.8.  Internationalization (I18N)
      Section 6.9.  Software Development Tools
      Section 6.10.  Threads
      Section 6.11.  Signals
      Section 6.12.  HP-UX System Calls and Linux Equivalents
      Section 6.13.  System Libraries
      Section 6.14.  GNU Scientific Library
      Section 6.15.  HP-UX and Linux APIs
      Section 6.16.  Interprocess Communications
      Section 6.17.  Summary
    Chapter 7.  Testing and Debugging
      Section 7.1.  Using the GNU Debugger
      Section 7.2.  strace and ltrace
      Section 7.3.  cscope Utility
      Section 7.4.  glibc Debugging Support
      Section 7.5.  Memory-Debugging Tools
      Section 7.6.  Static Program Checker
      Section 7.7.  Threads trace Tool
      Section 7.8.  Performance Monitoring Tools
      Section 7.9.  Summary
    Appendix A.  Solaris to Linux Reference Tables
      Section A.1.  Internationalization
      Section A.2.  System Calls
      Section A.3.  Basic Library Functions
    Appendix B.  AIX to Linux Reference Tables
      Section B.1.  AIX and Linux C Compiler Options Table
      Section B.2.  AIX and Linux Linker Options Comparison Table
      Section B.3.  I/O Services APIs: AIX to Linux Cross-Reference
      Section B.4.  IPC Reference: AIX-Linux
    Appendix C.  HP-UX to Linux Reference Tables
      Section C.1.  HP-UX and Linux C Compiler Options Table
      Section C.2.  HP-UX and Linux C++ Compiler Options Table
      Section C.3.  HP-UX and Linux System Calls Comparison Table
      Section C.4.  HP-UX and Linux Library API Comparison Table
    Appendix D.  Linux on POWER
      Section D.1.  Development Environment for Linux on POWER
      Section D.2.  Porting Considerations
      Section D.3.  Architecture-Specific Differences
    Appendix E.  gprof helper
      Section E.1.  gprof helper Module for Multithreaded Applications
    Appendix F.  Porting Issues Specific to the IBM zSeries Mainframe
      Section F.1.  Linux on IBM zSeries
      Section F.2.  Data Types, Addresses, and Machine Words
      Section F.3.  Compiling and Linking
      Section F.4.  Byte Ordering
      Section F.5.  Other Differences
      Section F.6.  Variable Argument Lists
      Section F.7.  Where to Find More Information
      Section F.8.  Acknowledgments
    Appendix G.  Solaris to Linux Migration: A Guide for System Administrators
      Section G.1.  Packaging Tasks
      Section G.2.  Installation and Upgrade Tasks
      Section G.3.  User Management Tasks
      Section G.4.  Network Management and Configuration
      Section G.5.  NFS Management and Configuration
      Section G.6.  Managing System Resources
      Section G.7.  Disk and Filesystem Management
      Section G.8.  Swap Management
      Section G.9.  Logical Volume Management
      Section G.10.  General Troubleshooting
      Section G.11.  Network Troubleshooting
      Section G.12.  Configuration and Other Files
      Section G.13.  Comparable Commands

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