6 Use Drama

6 Use Drama

In addition to the techniques that have already been discussed, drama can give life to just about any presentation.

David: One of the most stunning presentations I have ever seen was by J. A. Gamache, in a speech he delivered in the 2001 World Championship of Public Speaking. To achieve an extraordinary dramatic effect, he coupled creative staging with a prop. As he told a story of a poignant moment with his grandfather, he placed a simple wooden chair center stage. It was instantly apparent that as he spoke to the chair, that he was speaking to his grandfather. Technically, this was a monologue, but curiously, it was more like a dialogue as the chair brought his grandfather to life. But it became even more dramatic when, as he told of his grandfather's death, he lovingly tipped the chair, bringing it to rest on its back. No words were spoken; no words were necessary. The silence in the room at that moment was overwhelming.


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Describe a situation you have seen where a sense of drama greatly enhanced the presentation.

Describe how you will use drama to enhance an existing presentation or add value to a presentation you will give in the near future.

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The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
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