ZapRAS( )

ZapRAS( ) Executes the Zaptel ISDN Remote Access Server

 ZapRAS(   args   ) 

Executes an ISDN RAS server using pppd on the current channel. The channel must be a clear channel (i.e., PRI source) and a Zaptel channel to be able to use this function. (No modem emulation is included.)

Your pppd must be patched to be Zaptel-aware. args is a pipe-delimited list of arguments.

Always returns -1 .

This application is only for use on ISDN lines, and your kernel must be patched to support ZapRAS( ) . You must also have ppp support in your kernel.

 exten => 123,1,Answer(  )  exten => 123,1,ZapRas(debug64000noauthnetmask255.255.255.0  

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