Cut( )

Cut( ) Assigns part of one variable to another variable

 Cut(   newvar   =   varname   ,   delimiter   ,   fieldspec   ) 

Cuts an existing variable named varname into several pieces, and assigns one or more of the pieces to a new variable named newvar .

The delimiter argument is the character on which to cut varname . It defaults to - .

fieldspec is the number of the field you want to assign to newvar . Fields are counted starting with 1 . The fieldspec may be specified as a range (with - ) or a group of ranges and fields (with & ). If more than one field is selected, Cut( ) leaves the delimiter between the fields.

Returns , or -1 on hangup or error.

 exten => 123,1,Set(TEST=123-456-7890)  exten => 123,2,Cut(FIRST=TEST,-,2)        ; gives us 456     exten => 123,3,Cut(SECOND=TEST,,1-2)      ; gives us 123-456     exten => 123,4,Cut(THIRD=TEST,-,1&3)      ; gives us 123-7890  

Asterisk. The Future of Telephony
Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
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