AlarmReceiver( )

AlarmReceiver( ) Provides support for receiving alarm reports from a burglar or fire alarm panel

 AlarmReceiver(  ) 

Emulates an alarm receiver, and allows Asterisk to receive and decode special data from fire and/or burglar alarm panels. At this time, only the Ademco Contact ID format is supported.

When called, AlarmReceiver( ) will handshake with the alarm panel, receive events, validate them, handshake them, and store them until the panel hangs up. Once the panel hangs up, the application will run the command line specified by the eventcmd setting in alarmreceiver.conf and pipe the events to the standard input of the application. alarmreceiver.conf also contains settings for DTMF timing and for the loudness of the acknowledgment tones.

This application is not guaranteed to be reliable, so don't depend on it unless you have extensively tested it. If you use this application without extensive testing, you may be putting your life and property at great risk.

This application always returns .

 ; set up Asterisk to answer a call from a supported fire alarm panel  exten => s,1,AlarmReceiver(  )  

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