Chapter 22 -- Managing Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services

Chapter 22

About This Chapter

Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services allows client computers to access Windows 2000 and the latest Windows applications from a central server. This shared method of using the operating system and applications means that client computers can be smaller and less expensive than those used with previous operating systems.

This chapter describes Terminal Services, what tools are included with the feature, and how to install Terminal Services. An important aspect of Terminal Services is managing the appropriate software licensing. The chapter explains the various Terminal Services licensing components. The chapter ends with a discussion on deploying Terminal Services to client computers.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • Installed Windows 2000 Server on both computers (Server01 and Server02)

    See chapter 8, "Installing Microsoft Windows 2000" for more details.

  • An installed and configured modem in Server01 (The installation of Windows 2000 Server may have automatically detected your modem. If not, use the Add/Remote Hardware application in Control Panel to install the software to support your modem.)

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