The following questions will help you determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next chapter. If you have difficulty answering these questions, please go back and review the material in this chapter before beginning the next chapter. See Appendix A, "Questions and Answers," for the answers to these questions.

  1. What is the purpose of a subnet mask?
  2. What is the minimum number of areas in an OSPF internetwork?
  3. What is the NWLink Auto Detect feature?
  4. By what standards group is IPSec defined?
  5. Define the difference between secret- and public-key cryptography.
  6. What functionality does ISAKMP/Oakley provide?
  7. What are rules comprised of?
  8. What is an IP filter used for?
  9. How do System Monitor and Network Monitor allow you to monitor security on your network?
  10. How is Event Viewer used to monitor security?
  11. How do you enable remote access logging in Windows 2000?


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