ID, Address, and Name Columns of DataRow, Setting Values of (code listing), 95

ID and Name Data Columns of Customers Table, Creating (code listing), 90


interface properties and methods, 441–442

Meta-Data, 812–813

IDataRecord interface properties and methods, 442–443

IDbCommand interface properties and methods, 440–441

IDbConnection interface properties and methods, 439–440

IDbDataAdapter interface/object properties and methods, 444–445

IDE (Integrated Development Environment), 33, 39, 466

identity, mapped object, 637

IEnumerable, 675

Image, Button, and TextBox Controls, Data Binding in (code listing), 561–562

Imports directive, 137

Incremental Lazy Loading Stored Procedure (code listing), 701


improving SQL Server performance using, 753–757

index strings, 694

Index Tuning Wizard, 760

indexed views, 809

selecting columns for, 757–758

InfiniteTimeout method, 745

InfoMessage and StateChange events, Writing Event Handlers for (code listing), 213

InfoMessage event, 211–212

InfoMessageEventArgs properties, 212

injection, SQL, 810

INSERT statements, 805

InsertAt and RemoveAt Methods, Using (code listing), 116

inserting, deleting, and updating through DataGrids, 342–344

Inserting XML Fragment into Document (code listing), 259

InsertOrder method, 530

interfaces, data provider, 438–445

Command objects, 440–441

Connection objects, 439–440

grouped by function, 438

Reader objects, 441–443

internal transactions (message queuing), 747

Internet Explorer Web controls package, 693


COM. See COM interoperability

marshaling, 710

isolation, component, 666–670

isolation levels

definition and fundamentals, 788–789

for transactions, 200–201

ItemTemplate code, 574

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