The Noise Generator

The SubTractor also has a third generatorit's for random frequencies, or noise. When activated while a SubTractor part is playing, the noise generator adds "grit" or distortion to a tone.

This is only half the storywhen played by itself, the noise generator is a powerful analog drum and sound-effect synth!

To use the noise generator by itself


With your loop playing, disable Osc 2. Click the Noise On/Off button to enable noise (Figure 5.18).

Figure 5.18. Enable the Noise button.


To hear just the noise signal, turn the Osc Mix knob all the way to the right (mixing out the Osc 1 tone).


Adjust the volume using the Noise Level knob (Figure 5.19).

Figure 5.19. The SubTractor noise generator controls


Turn the Noise Color knob right and left for "white" (bright) and "pink" (dark) noise.

Use bright noise color settings for hiss effects and hi-hat sounds. Mixed with oscillators, this adds bright distortion or bright attacks. Use dark noise color settings for analog kick drums, timpani-like percussive sounds, and thunder effects. When used with oscillators, dark noise adds a deep distortion or booming attack.


Use the Noise Decay knob to adjust between sustained (clockwise) and short attack (counterclockwise) sounds.

This Decay knob works just like the Length channel knob on the Redrum (see Chapter 4). When Decay is turned all the way to the left, the noise signal disappears altogether. When it's turned all the way to the right, it lasts as long as the note that's playing.

To mix tones and noise


Keep Osc 2 disabled and turn the Osc Mix knob to the middle for an equal mix between Osc 1 and the noise generator.


Enable Osc 2 and turn the Osc Mix knob hard right for an equal mix between Osc 2 and the noise generator.

The noise generator is attached to Osc 2. When noise is turned up to maximum, it's at equal mix with Osc 2 (if 2 is on). Use the Noise Level knob to adjust volume, or the Color knob as a tone mute.

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