What s New in 3.0

What's New in 3.0

If you have used earlier versions of Reason, this book will introduce you to a new browser, a line mixer, a mastering suite (four new devices), an improved interface for external control boards and mixing consoles, and even a new macro device called the Combinator, which holds any setup as a studio-within-a-studio, fitting neatly into one small Rack device.

The 3.0 browser

The redesigned browser (Figure 1.3) now allows you to

  • Store as many shortcuts as you want

  • Search patches by instrument type, regardless of synthesizer, and audition them using your keyboard

  • Create devices from the browser, using a new "Create device by browsing patches" option

Figure 1.3. Reason's redesigned browser makes finding and auditioning patches easier.

The 6:2 Line Mixer

A new six-channel Mixer (Figure 1.4) allows you to save Rack and window space. Use it in situations where you don't need the full Mixer and you'll keep your Rack more organized.

Figure 1.4. The 6:2 Line Mixer saves space in your Rack display.

The MClass Mastering Suite

Four new sound processors have been introduced in Reason 3.0. Now you have all the tools needed to take your music from the first notes to final production.

The MClass Compressor (Figure 1.5) is an industry-quality dynamic compression unit with all the controls you need.

Figure 1.5. The MClass Compressor is new in Reason 3.0.

The MClass Stereo Imager (Figure 1.6) allows you to enhance the stereo spread of a mix, and gives you independent control over high- and low-frequency spread. Use this to enhance and optimize a stereo mix without destroying the bass.

Figure 1.6. The MClass Stereo Imager

The MClass Equalizer (Figure 1.7) is a top-notch multiband paragraphic equalizer, with a graphic display that helps you to see what you're hearing.

Figure 1.7. The MClass Equalizer

The MClass Maximizer (Figure 1.8) now allows you to create high-gain, distortion-free mixes and keep up with the competition.

Figure 1.8. The MClass Maximizer

The Combinator

With the brand-new Combinator (Figure 1.9), you can save an entire studio setup as a patch, loaded inside one Rack device.

  • Save visual Rack "real estate" (Figure 1.10).

    Figure 1.10. The Combinator can also save you a lot of Rack space (folded view).

  • Keep your studio manageable, even with extremely complex configurations.

  • Create submixes quickly.

  • Control multiple devices with a single pattern player or Sequencer track, without complicated cabling.

  • Create "mega-instruments."

  • Get instrument controls to talk to one another in ways that were previously impossible.

Figure 1.9. The Combinator is a MIDI control center, and a studio-in-one device (full view).

Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
ISBN: 321269179
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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