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calculations  [See also math]
    appreciation of assets 
    distance between two points 
    future value 
    loan amortization 
    loan size 
    points along a circle 
    retirement savings 
    units of measure conversion 
calendars, forms 
call( ) method 
callback functions, listener events 
callback methods, Flash Paint components 
caller client (video chat/message center application) 
calling client (video chat/message center application) 
calling functions 
    ASP.NET from Flash 
    ColdFusion from Flash 
    Java from Flash 
    JSP from Flash 
    named functions 
    remote functions on a service 
callingClient property 
Camera.get( ) method, FlashCom 
case conversion, strings 
case expressions, switch statements 
case keyword, switch statements 
case sensitivity, strings 
case-sensitive sorting 
Centigrade/Fahrenheit conversion 
CF.http( ) method 
CF.query( ) method 
CFC (ColdFusion Component)
        passing complex parameters to 
        passing named parameters to 
    MP3 player application 
    My Page application file operations 
    service function calling 
.cfm files
CFM pages
    typed object parameters 
    Flash Remoting and 
CGI scripts
    Perl and 
changeOrder( ) method 
channels, stereo sound 
        one at a time processing 
        initCircles( ) function 
        instances, adding to movie 
    Drawing API 
        drawCircle( ) method 
        pen position coordinates 
    points along, calculating 
    abstract classes 
    Array class 
        listener events 
    Flash Paint, defining 
        constructor functions 
    MovieClip, Drawing API and 
        getter/setter properties 
    prototype property 
    SharedObject, persistent information and 
    subclasses, creating 
        Flash Paint 
    Table  2nd 
    XMLSocket class 
clear( ) method  2nd 
client-side functions, invoking from server movies 
client-side shared objects 
    adding data 
    reading values 
        invoking server-side functions 
    shared object, broadcasting data to remote 
clocks, creating 
    Expert Mode and 
        named functions and 
coin flip simulation 
    Query objects 
    service functions, calling using Flash Remoting 
    typed objects
    web services, consuming using Flash Remoting 
ColdFusion Component  [See CFC]
ColdFusion MX
    Flash Remoting configuration 
    loading external images 
    controlling dynamically 
        Drawing API 
    RGB values 
        current value and 
    sliders and 
color selector component 
    Flash Paint 
color selector, Flash Paint 
Color.getRGB( ) method 
Color.getTransform( ) method 
Color.setRGB( ) method 
Color.setTransform( ) method  2nd  3rd 
columns, recordsets 
    sorting on single 
combo boxes, forms
    adding at runtime 
    makeDependent( ) method 
    menus and 
    <select> tag and 
communicating between movies 
    accepting from other domains 
    broadcasting to remote shared object clients 
    different computers 
    FlashCom and 
    local connections 
        receipt validation 
        sending data and 
    same computer 
    XMLSocket class 
compare functions, references 
complex parameters, passing to CFC methods 
    color selector 
    Flash Paint
    image viewer/slideshow application 
        Image Viewer 
        sequence item 
        sequence viewer 
    MP3 player application 
    My Page application 
    scheduler application 
composite datatypes 
compound assignment operators 
concat( ) method 
    copying arrays 
concatenating strings 
condenseWhite property 
    AND (&&) operator 
    if statements 
    NOT (!) operator 
    OR (||) operator 
    switch statements 
    Flash Remoting for .NET 
    Flash Remoting for ColdFusion MX 
    Flash Remoting for J2EE 
    Flash Remoting for Perl 
    Flash Remoting for PHP 
    My Page Application modules 
conflicting variables 
connect( ) method, NetConnection object 
connection objects, Flash Remoting 
connections, Flash Remoting 
constructor functions
    class instances and 
    custom classes and 
    Sound( ) 
    Date( )
        current date 
        time, current 
continuous compounding, future value and 
    angle measurements 
    arrays to strings  2nd 
    number bases 
        to arrays  2nd 
        to/from ASCII 
        to/from Unicode 
    units of measure 
    circles, calculating 
    movie clips
        converting to/from Stage 
coordinates of pen position
        copying data by value 
    movie clips  2nd 
createConfirmForm( ) function 
createElement( ) method 
createEmptyMovieClip( ) method  2nd 
    sounds and 
createMultiForm( ) function 
createNewSound( ) method 
createTextNode( ) method 
createTreeForm( ) function 
currency, number formatting 
currentNode variable 
currentViewAr array, image viewer/slideshow application 
curves, Drawing API  2nd 
    curveTo( ) method 
    line style 
curveTo( ) method  2nd  3rd 
custom classes, creating 

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