Chapter 11. WebForms


In this chapter

Classic HTML and Server-Side Controls

HTML Controls

Web Controls

Intrinsic Web Controls

Buttons and Links

WebForm Examples

This chapter might be somewhat different than the previous chapters in the book. Instead of presenting an entirely new subject, it reviews some of the topics we have already talked about, drills down a little more deeply, picks up some subjects that need to be covered but haven't been, and builds some applications that tie everything together.

This chapter talks about server-side controls, which differ from classic HTML programming. It also talks about those HTML controls, which have been only touched on previously. Actually, what you'll really get is a differentiation between the three types of server controls that are available to you: HTML controls, Web controls, and Intrinsic Web controls. Also covered are two topics that I have not formally addressed to this point: converting from strings to numbers and numbers to strings, and operations that can be performed on string objects.

This chapter also spends a little more time talking about buttons and links, and how you can use them effectively in your programs. It covers server-side events, as well, by giving more examples and discussing a little more deeply the subject of server-side events. The last subject in this chapter is the selection controls.


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