Chapter 17. Using Dynamic JavaScript: Creating a Personal Idea Organizer

In This Chapter:

  • Dynamically Creating JavaScript in ASP.NET

  • The BrainStormer Application

  • Accepting User Uploads in ASP.NET

I listen to motivational speakers a lot, and my favorite is Tony Robbins. He talks about the importance of organizing your thoughts, and how productive it can make you. Of course, business loves a more productive employee or executive.

I've applied many of Tony's suggestions to my own life. But I always had to carry around the notebook in which I kept my ideas. That's OK if you're organized, but someone like me needs more flexibility. For that reason, I designed and created a Web-based idea-organizer application that I named BrainStormer. This application allows you to access your ideas from anywhere that has an Internet connection, and the ideas get backed up on the server.

One of the innovative and interesting things about the application is its use of dynamic JavaScript. I discovered this by accident as a student when I was experimenting with the Attributes collection of the server controls (which are explained in the section entitled "Server Controls Overview"). You can add JavaScript programmatically with the Attributes collection. And while the examples in this chapter are pretty straight forward, I can imagine some pretty on-the-edge ways to use the idea. For instance, you could add some pop-up help based on the user's current trends or on common things that have happened on the Web server recently.

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