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    encapsulating, via tunneling 
    encrypting on wireless networks 
    transmitting between networks 
paging (initiating a connection) 
pairing devices 
Palm Handhelds, connecting to, using Bluetooth 
Palm Tungsten T Personal Digital Assistant 
    802.1X authentication and 
    Administrator, changing 
    capturing, using Ethereal 
    EAP-MD5 protocol and 
    PEAP and MS-CHAP v2 authentication methods 
    tracert command and 
    VPNs and 
    Wi-Fi security and 
PCI adapters 
PCMCIA wireless cards 
    Bluetooth and 
    connecting to networks using
        Cisco Aironet 350 card 
        D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+ card 
        Sprint AirPrime PC3200 card 
    GPRS/GSM networks and 
PCS Connection Manager 
PCS Vision network  [See Sprint PCS Vision network]
PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) 
    Compact Flash Bluetooth cards and 
PEAP (Protected EAP) 
performance issues for cellular networking  2nd 
peripherals, connecting to ViewSonic AirPanel V150 
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) 
    Compact Flash Bluetooth cards and 
pfirewall.log file 
phones  [See mobile phones]
ping command 
plain GPS receivers 
    transferring in 
PM (Pulse Modulation) 
Pocket PCs 
    connecting to, using Bluetooth 
    file transfers between computers and 
PocketMap PMG-220 CF GPS receiver 
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) 
    pass-through feature 
    setting WAN IP address 
port 3389
    setting up Remote Desktop 
port-based authentication mechanism  [See 802.1X standard]
    numbers of, assigned by ICANN 
    opening, to provide access 
positional information on earth
    calculating with GPS  2nd 
    Microsoft Streets and Tips 
    NetStumbler and 
PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) protocol, setting WAN IP address 
PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) 
    pass-through feature 
    setting WAN IP address 
Preferred networks section
    manually adding SSID to 
price issues for cellular networking  2nd 
pricing plans for cellular networking 
printing wirelessly with Bluetooth 
private networks, reserved IP addresses for 
profiles, Bluetooth 
    parameters for, assigned by ICANN 
provisioning process done by PCS Connection Manager 
proxy servers
    issues with VPNs and 
pscp (secure copy) utility 
psftp (secure FTP) utility 
Pulse Modulation (PM) 
pure wireless access points 
PuTTY utility 

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