List of Tables

Chapter 1: Introduction

Table 1.1: Document Conventions
Table 1.2: Interoperability Scenarios

Chapter 2: Understanding Enterprise Platforms

Table 2.1: Common Environmental Variables
Table 2.2: Comparison Between .NET and J2EE Functionality

Chapter 3: Interoperability Fundamentals

Table 3.1: XML to .NET and Electric XML Data Type Mappings

Chapter 4: Interoperability Technologies: Point to Point

Table 4.1: .NET Framework to Java data type mappings
Table 4.2: Ja.NET Collection Mappings between Java and the .NET Framework
Table 4.3: Ja.NET Collection Mappings between the .NET Framework and Java
Table 4.4: Feature comparison between .NET Remoting and Web services

Chapter 6: Implementing Interoperability Design Elements

Table 6.1: Comparison of.NET Framework Application Architecture and XBikes Implementations

Application Interoperability. Microsoft. NET and J2EE
Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE: Microsoft(r) .Net and J2ee (Patterns & Practices)
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