Chapter 2. Forests, Domains, and Trusts


    Recipe 2.1.  Creating a Forest

    Recipe 2.2.  Removing a Forest

    Recipe 2.3.  Creating a Domain

    Recipe 2.4.  Removing a Domain

    Recipe 2.5.  Removing an Orphaned Domain

    Recipe 2.6.  Finding the Domains in a Forest

    Recipe 2.7.  Finding the NetBIOS Name of a Domain

    Recipe 2.8.  Renaming a Domain

    Recipe 2.9.  Changing the Mode of a Domain

    Recipe 2.10.  Using ADPrep to Prepare a Domain or Forest for Windows Server 2003

    Recipe 2.11.  Determining if ADPrep Has Completed

    Recipe 2.12.  Checking Whether a Windows 2000 Domain Controller Can Be Upgraded to Windows Server 2003

    Recipe 2.13.  Raising the Functional Level of a Windows Server 2003 Domain

    Recipe 2.14.  Raising the Functional Level of a Windows Server 2003 Forest

    Recipe 2.15.  Creating a Trust Between a Windows NT Domain and an AD Domain

    Recipe 2.16.  Creating a Transitive Trust Between Two AD Forests

    Recipe 2.17.  Creating a Shortcut Trust Between Two AD Domains

    Recipe 2.18.  Creating a Trust to a Kerberos Realm

    Recipe 2.19.  Viewing the Trusts for a Domain

    Recipe 2.20.  Verifying a Trust

    Recipe 2.21.  Resetting a Trust

    Recipe 2.22.  Removing a Trust

    Recipe 2.23.  Enabling SID Filtering for a Trust

    Recipe 2.24.  Finding Duplicate SIDs in a Domain

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