Appendix B. Installing the DNS Server from CD-ROM


DNS on Windows 2000, 2nd Edition
By Matt Larson, Cricket Liu
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This brief appendix guides you through installing the Microsoft DNS Server from CD-ROM.

  1. Insert the Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

  2. After a moment you'll see the CD's installation window. Click the Install Add-On Components option.

  3. When the Windows Components Wizard window appears, scroll down and double-click on Networking Services .

  4. In the resulting Networking Services window, check the box to the left of Domain Name System (DNS) and click OK to close the window.

  5. Click Next in the Windows Components Wizard window. After the installation is finished, you'll be prompted to click Finished to end the wizard.

  6. After the installation, you'll need to reboot. Following the reboot, the DNS server will be running, and you'll see DNS in the Administrative Tools menu.


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