Ordering and Printing Quicken Checks

You can order Quicken checks through the Quicken program and then print them on your printer. Currently, checks start at $59.99 for 250 standard checks. You can also order envelopes, labels, deposit slips, and more. When you receive the checks, you can enter the transactions you want printed on checks, and then print the checks through Quicken on your printer. You can use the payee information that's already in Quicken, or you can add it if you don't have the payee set up, to print your checks.

Order Quicken Checks

From the Cash Flow menu, select Quicken Services, Order Checks & Supplies.

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet and click the www.intuitmarket.com link. The Intuit Checks, Forms & Supplies web page opens.

Select the type of checks you want to order.

Review the information about your printer type check options and then scroll down to select your check options.

Select your printer type, the number of sheets of checks, and the quantity of checks. Then click Continue.

Proceed through the check-ordering process by completing all the steps. When you are finished ordering, your checks will be mailed to you in the designated timeframe.

Set Up Transactions to Use Quicken Checks

Open the Quicken Cash Flow Center and scroll down to the Scheduled Bills & Deposits section. If you already have transactions set up for Quicken checks, a Print button already appears next to the transaction.

To set up transactions to print Quicken checks, click Enter next to the transaction.

For Your Information

You can also go to the Cash Flow Center to access Scheduled Bills & Deposits.

Did You Know?

You can change your payment method. When you set up your accounts and scheduled transactions, you specified how you would make your payments or which printing method you would use for your payment transactions. There are four payment methods: Payment, Deposit, Print Check, and Online Payment. The payment method you selected when you set up the account is what automatically appears for the account transactions. You can change the payment method when you enter the transaction into your account register to change only that one transaction, or you can edit the transaction to change all future payments to another method.

From the Method drop-down list, select Print Check.

To have the payee address print on the check, click Address and enter the address of the payee.

Click Enter Transaction or Record Payment (whichever applies). A Print button appears next to the transaction.

Repeat steps 25 for each transaction that requires a printed check.

Print Quicken Checks

To print checks, click the Print button next to the transaction.

Type the check number you want printed for this check.

Select the check(s) you want to print. If you want to select only specific checks to print (if you have more than one), click Choose.

Select or clear the checks you want to print or not print and click Done.

Select the style of the check you want to use.

Select how many checks you want to print on a page.

Click OK. If the following messages appear, take the appropriate actions:

  • Do the Checks Have a Tear-Off Strip?It is recommended that you leave the tear-off strip on.

  • Did the Check(s) Print OK?Click OK if the checks printed correctly. If the checks did not print correctly, type the number of the first check that printed incorrectly and click OK. Then determine what the problem is (for example, the checks jammed or the printer is out of checks). If the check information did not print correctly (for example, it is not aligned correctly), adjust the alignment.

For Your Information

You can also print checks from the Write Checks window by selecting Write Checks from the Cash Flow menu.

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