Using Internet Solutions with Excel

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Microsoft has enabled the Excel developer to use the Internet as an integral part of an application solution. For example, workbooks can be opened from and saved to Web servers, Excel can open HTML pages as though they were workbooks, and Web Queries can be used to extract tables of data from Web pages. The Internet Explorer object library can also be automated to retrieve individual items of data from a Web page, without the overhead of using a workbook.

Besides the ability to utilize and extract data from the World Wide Web, you can also save Excel workbooks as content-rich Web pages. Interactive Web pages can easily be produced, providing Excel-like interaction within the Web browser.

All these tools discussed in this chapter enable you to develop new types of business solutions where Excel is one key part of a larger business process. This process is not limited to a single organization; rather, your solutions can span multiple organizations and geographical locations.

After reviewing this chapter, you might need to rethink your strategy on developing Excel application solutions. The Internet is a valuable resource and can be easily used. Not only can you use the information found on the Internet, but Excel has added Internet functionality to assist you in sharing data with the world. While developing your solutions, you might need to think outside the typical box to achieve the desired results.

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