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Oracle Database 10g comes with a number of new features that are designed to improve data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores. Also, several features that existed in earlier versions of Oracle Database have new features added to them. This chapter discusses several new and enhanced features, including:

image Oracle Data Pump (previously exp and imp)

image Bigfile tablespaces

image Cross-platform transportable tablespaces

image External table unload

image Enhanced table functions

image Enhanced merge functionality

image Materialized view and query rewrite changes

image Partitioning new features

Oracle Data Pump

Oracle Database 10g offers new and improved support for logical extracts of data in the form of Oracle Data Pump. This section introduces several topics related to Oracle Data Pump:

image The Oracle Data Pump architecture

image The data dictionary views associated with Oracle Data Pump

image The new interactive mode available with Oracle Data Pump

image The Oracle Data Pump API

image Oracle Data Pump Export and Import

Oracle Data Pump Architecture

Oracle Database 10g introduces the new Data Pump infrastructure. A major part of this infrastructure replaces the imp (import) and exp (export) programs in previous versions of Oracle Database. The new Data Pump architecture is designed to provide significant performance increases over the previous imp and exp utilities. Data Pump provides new methods of moving data between databases, including the use of specially formatted files (as was the case with imp/exp) as well as a new network


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