System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)enum
public enum UIPermissionClipboard {    NoClipboard = 0,OwnClipboard = 1,AllClipboard = 2 }

Values of the UIPermissionClipboard enumeration are used to specify the type of clipboard access represented by a UIPermission object. OwnClipboard means that code can freely place data into the clipboard but cannot programmatically read the clipboard contents. AllClipboard represents unrestricted clipboard access.


System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) UIPermissionClipboard

Returned By

UIPermission.Clipboard, UIPermissionAttribute.Clipboard

Passed To

UIPermission.{Clipboard, UIPermission( )}, UIPermissionAttribute.Clipboard

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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Year: 2005
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