Trendy Comedy

Adults and kids like trendy comedy. I say trendy comedy because comedy, by its nature, tends to be trendy. Many TV shows of the past that seemed hilarious, witty, or cutting-edge when new no longer seem quite as funny. These include I Love Lucy, Remington Steel, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Northern Exposure, and even Seinfeld. Comedy tends to date.

It's to the credit of the writers and other creative talent behind The Simpsons that they managed to keep it alive for so many years.

Grand Theft Auto III used a style of comedy popularized in such films as Pulp Fiction.

How can you predict the next trend in comedy? There's no formula. But one thing you can do is pay attention to the trends, and watch which trends seem to have the most staying power.[2]

[2] People often say that humor is hard to weave into a game. There are quite a few types of comedy that would work in games. I suspect that one of the reasons we haven't seen more hysterically funny games is because very few A-list comedy writers have worked in games. Of course, even if one was to try, he or she would still need to surmount all problems delineated in Chapter 1.4, "17 Things Screenwriters Don't Know About Games," and would need to figure out how all the various game structures discussed in Chapter 2.16, "Plot Interesting Techniques," could become tools for comedy.

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