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Bruce Fraser spent 25 years in Edinburgh, Scotland, before moving to the equally gray fog belt of San Francisco, which may explain his fascination with color. Bruce is currently a contributing editor for both Macworld and, and is the author of Real World Camera Raw and coauthor of Real World Color Management. He has lectured on color reproduction in North America, Europe, and Australia, and is a founder and principal of Pixel Genius LLC. Bruce has been a Photoshop user since the program made its first appearance as BarneyScan XP, and was an alpha tester for Photoshop CS2. You can reach him via email at

David Blatner is a Seattle-based consultant specializing in electronic publishing. He has authored or coauthored 15 books, including Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2 Breakthroughs, the award-winning Real World QuarkXPress (formerly titled The QuarkXPress Book), Real World InDesign CS2, The Flying Book, Judaism For Dummies, and The Joy of Pi. Over a half a million copies of his books are in print in 13 languages. David is a contributing editor for, and has presented at conferences around North America, Europe, South Africa, and Japan. His email address is

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