2.6 Characters

2.6 Characters

Dreamweaver can insert character codes and predefined characters into a document. You can define your own characters to augment Dreamweaver's default set.

2.6.1 Special Characters

Ten special characters (copyright, trademark, etc.) are available in the Objects panel's Character category, shown in Figure 2-22, or via Insert figs/u2192.gif Special Characters. Use the Other Characters button (or Insert figs/u2192.gif Special Characters figs/u2192.gif Other) to open the Insert Other Character dialog box, also shown in Figure 2-22. This dialog box gives access to 99 characters (including the default 10).

Figure 2-22. Available preconfigured characters

Use the Insert field of the Insert Special Character dialog box to specify other characters. See Appendix B for information on special characters (so-called HTML character entities). Section in Chapter 19 demonstrates how to add new character icons to the Objects panel's Characters category.

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