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fg command 2nd
fields, delimiting with spaces
file command
file systems. [See also HFS Plus file system]
        case sensitivity of Unix and Mac OS Extended
        checking and repairing
        corruption and journaling
        definitions of
file- path designations
filename completion 2nd 3rd
filename extensions in OS X
        about Unix
        case sensitivity and
        distinguishing file type information after
        starting vi with or without
files. [See also backups ; editing; permissions; printing]
        adding or removing read permissions
        applying command to found
        automated transfer of
        changing /etc/hostconfig system-configuration
        checksum for
        commands for viewing and editing
        compressing with gzip
        converting format with textutil
        copying 2nd 3rd
        correcting permission problems
        counting lines, words, and bytes in
        creating with vi
        curl command for retrieving
        deleting 2nd
        downloading with FTP
        editing from command line
        finding modified
        finding out type of
        finding strings in
        Fink configuration
        getting information about
        links to
        listing beginning or end of
        listing by matching patterns
        listing metadata attributes of
        listing permissions for
        locked 2nd
        metadata for
        monitoring additions to system log
        monitoring for security
        moving and renaming
        names identify location of
        names of Unix
        navigating with emacs
        ownership of 2nd
        permission testfile
        permissions for 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
        printing from command line
        removing unknown user 's
        renaming or moving
        retrieving with wget command
        reversing contents of input
        saving ( vi )
        saving output to
        searching for 2nd
        seeing entire file without pausing
        sending and receiving remote
        setting permissions in absolute mode
        showing hidden 2nd 3rd 4th
        spaces in names of
        taking mail message body from
        taking output from
        type and size of
        Unix and Aqua hierarchy of 2nd
        Unix changes to Mac OS filesystem and
        uploading to FTP servers 2nd
        used by ftpd
        used for tracking user logins
        viewing text
find command
        applying to each file found
        finding modified files
        searching for files with
        copying files with Unix vs.
        moving files to Trash
        pwd command vs.
        showing hidden files 2nd 3rd
        showing settings with defaults command
        view of Trash folder in
        about 2nd
        further resources
        help for
        listing available packages with
        package installation with
        updating and removing packages
firewalls. [See also ports]
        allowing access to specific ports
        blocking ports
        configuring e-mail settings for
        enabling FTP connections with
        using Apache Web server with
        viewing list of rules for
flags. [See options]
floating-point math
FocusFollowsMouse command
folders. [See also directories]
        directories as
        Unix and Aqua hierarchy of 2nd
fonts for command-line
for loops 2nd
forks, data and resource 2nd
forward slash (/)
        escaping with \
        searching forward in text strings
        used in Unix pathnames 2nd
FQDN (fully qualified domain names)
        identifying mail servers with
        IP address requirements for
        receiving e-mail addressed to
        using as server hostname 2nd
        viewing for IP address
FreeBSD programs
fsck command
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
        about 2nd
        Active and Passive modes
        Aqua graphical interfaces for
        command-line clients for
        commands for
        downloading files with
        file retrieval with wget command
        getting help for
        retrieving files using curl command
        synchronizing directories with rsync
        uploading file using
FTP servers
        activating from GUI
        allowing anonymous users to upload files
        allowing Passive FTP access through firewall
        anonymous FTP user access
        denying access to
        files used by ftpd
        reducing security risks of
        using from command line
ftp tool
FTP-only user accounts
full backups
full paths
        . directories and
        relative paths vs.
        using with symbolic links 2nd
fully qualified domain names. [See FQDN]
        adding to more than one script
        using in shell scripts
further resources
        Apache Web server
        awk and sed commands
        compiling software
        hidden files
        launchd daemon
        MySQL database server
        regular expressions
        shell scripts
        system administration
        Unix security

Unix for Mac OS X 10. 4 Tiger. Visual QuickPro Guide
Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0321246683
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 161
Authors: Matisse Enzer

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