Now that you are more familiar with Generator and JGenerator, the following question arises: Why create dynamic content on the server side when you can create dynamic content on the client side by using Flash ActionScript?

The exact answer to that question depends on the specific goals of the project, as well as the features and limitations of the devices that are being targeted for deployment. However, there are a number of advantages to creating dynamic Flash-based content for devices on the server side:

  • Can store data within Flash movie when syncing. Even if you use ActionScript to create your dynamic Flash movie, you can use Generator to place the data within the Flash movie before it is sent to or synced with the device. This allows you to use ActionScript to manipulate dynamic data and content even if the Flash movie is being run on a device without a network connection.

  • Dynamic content for older Flash players. To create dynamic content with Flash alone, you must display that content on a Flash 4 or greater Player. The Flash 4 Player is the first version of Flash that included ActionScript that could load and manipulate data. However, by moving the dynamic content creation to the server side, you can create Flash 3 based dynamic content and thus make your content available to a wider range of devices.

  • CPU concerns. Loading and manipulating dynamic content in Flash can be fairly CPU intensive. This is exacerbated by the relatively slow speed of CPUs found on some devices. This can lead to poor performing Flash movies, possible errors (both in the device and Flash Player), and an overall poor user experience. By moving the processing to the server side, you ensure that the process of creating the dynamic Flash content does not tax the user's CPU.

  • Template based. Because Generator and JGenerator are template based, you can design/develop your content once, and then serve it to multiple devices. In fact, because Generator can create JPGs, GIFs, and QuickTime movies from the same template that it creates Flash movies, you can deliver content to almost any device, regardless of whether or not it has a Flash Player.

  • Easier development. Depending on your project, creating dynamic Flash content with Generator can be easier than creating the same content using ActionScript. This is because Generator includes pre-built objects such as charts, lists, and tickers, which can greatly ease content creation.

There are also some disadvantages to using a server-side tool to create dynamic content for Flash enabled devices:

  • Requires server. Server-side solutions require a server for deployment. This can mean higher development and maintenance complexity and costs. Furthermore, if you are not serving the content from your own server, this can also limit your options when trying to find a host to serve your content.

  • Cannot manipulate data when using Generator objects. Although creating dynamic content with Generator objects can greatly ease the development, all the data remains on the server. Because of this, the data cannot be directly accessed and manipulated by ActionScript. To make the data available to ActionScript, you have to explicitly duplicate the data so that it can be manipulated on the client side.

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