What Kind of Photographer Are You?

When choosing the camera that will help you take the best photos, it's important to choose one that matches the kind of photos you actually take. But, what sort of photographer are you? In one way of thinking, there are two types of photographers: artistic and documentary (and as is usually the case, most people overlap somewhat).

You're an artistic photographer if:

  • You care more about the overall look of a photo than the subject of the picture (Figure B.1).

    Figure B.1. There's not much of a story in this photoI was just intrigued by the color of the leaf underneath the new-fallen snow. We're definitely looking at an artistic photograph here.

  • Objects and landscapes fill many of your photos and stand alone as aesthetic representations of your reality.

  • Display and print quality is of the utmost importance. You regularly print and display your best photos.

  • You're willing to take time to set up the perfect shot, and you do things because they give you photo opportunities.

You're a documentary photographer if:

  • Who or what appears in the photo is more important than the overall look (Figure B.2).

    Figure B.2. In contrast, here we have a picture of me and my grandmother at my 35th birthday party. Whether or not it's a good photo is almost immaterialwhat's important is that it reminds me of a special meal with my family. It's a pure documentary photograph.

  • The most common subjects of your photos are people and places, and they usually fit into and support a larger story.

  • You're willing to trade quality for convenience, ease of use, or speed of shooting.

  • You don't have the free time or patience to set up shots, and you prefer to snap a few pictures quickly, hoping that at least one will turn out well. You carry your camera to record events or in the hope of getting a good shot.

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