Printing Full-Page Photos

iPhoto's second printing style prints each selected photo at the largest size that will fit on a piece of paper (Figure 6.4).

Figure 6.4. iPhoto's Full Page style prints a single photo at the largest size that will fit on a piece of paper.

Uses for full-page prints:

  • Anything you want to print as large as possible but don't mind if it doesn't match standard aspect ratios.

  • Prints on unusually sized perforated paper or roll paper; make sure to choose the proper paper size from the Paper pop-up menu before printing.


  • Select the Zoom and Crop checkbox to have iPhoto zoom into and crop your photo appropriately so it matches the aspect ratio of the printable area. Otherwise, if a photo's aspect ratio does not match that of your paper, iPhoto shrinks the photo proportionally to make it fit, which increases the white borders.

  • Don't assume iPhoto can print to your printer's minimum margins. Test a few full-page prints in economy mode first to learn what will come out.

  • Don't bother entering your printer's minimum margins to get the smallest possible margins; any number (including 0.00) lower than the printer's minimum margins results in a printout that uses as much of the paper as possible.

  • If you see a yellow warning icon in the Print dialog, try increasing your margins.

  • The Paper menu in iPhoto's Print dialog matches the Paper Size pop-up menu in the Page Setup dialog, which is how you had to set paper size in previous versions of iPhoto (Figure 6.5).

    Figure 6.5. To print on 4" x 6" paper, you must first select the appropriate paper size either from the Paper menu in the Print dialog or in the Page Setup dialog.

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