Chapter 35. Performance Testing and Capacity Planning

Although it is important to have specific performance knowledge about CMS when you are designing a CMS site, it is not as important to have such knowledge when you are testing the site. Performance testing for CMS sites is much the same as testing any other ASP or ASP.NET Web site.

It is remarkable how often performance planning is neglected during the Web site planning phase. Quite often it is an afterthought. At the end of the process, when the site is completed, it is deployed to the production environment and only then tested for performance. This is a recipe for disaster. When planning your CMS site project, make sure to schedule performance tests at a stage when you will actually be able to resolve any issues that are found. Do not make the mistake of running your first tests when you are already rushing to meet impending deadlines.

The previous chapter discussed how to build high-performance CMS sites. This chapter discusses how to create your performance goals and how to test your results. The key message of this chapter is "test early and test often."

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