Smart Client Content Authoring

SharePoint's Publishing feature enables content owners to create and edit pages directly though a Web browser. This is not the only vehicle for adding pages to a publishing site. Microsoft has added a new capability called Smart Client Authoring that enables users to author pages in certain document types and let SharePoint Server 2007 automatically convert those documents into Web pages. This processing of pages from documents is implemented with document converters. SharePoint Server 2007 includes four document converters:

  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 DOCX to Web page

  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 DOCM to Web page

  • Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 or 2007 to Web page

  • XML files to Web page (via XSL supplied by the user that transforms XML to HTML)

Configuring Document Conversion Services

The document conversion services in SharePoint Server 2007 are not configured and started by default. This section looks at how you get these services up and running. First, you must start a pair of services on an SharePoint Server 2007 server and then configure your publishing site to allow document conversions:

  1. Open a Web browser, and browse to SharePoint Central Administration.

  2. Click the Operations tab to open the SharePoint Central Administration Operations page.

  3. Under the Topology And Services grouping, select Services On Server.

  4. In the Action column, click the Start link for the Document Conversions Load Balancer Service.

  5. In the Action column, click the Start link for the Document Conversions Launcher Service. This loads the Launcher Service Settings page.

  6. On the Launcher Service Settings page, select the server to run the launcher, the load balancer server, and the port number for the Document Conversions Launcher Service.

  7. Go to SharePoint's Central Administration Application Management page by clicking the Application Management tab in the top horizontal pane.

  8. Under the External Service Connections grouping, select Document Conversions.

  9. On the Configure Document Conversions page (as shown in Figure 11-8), specify the Web application and the Yes option to enable document conversions for the specified Web application, the load balancer server, and scheduling details. Notice how you can customize the individual document converters from this page as well. For now, just click OK.

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Figure 11-8: Configure Document Conversions page

Now that the document conversion services are configured and your publishing site is enabled for document conversion, your site will allow you to upload files to a document library for conversion to a Web page. After a file with one of the accepted file types (for example, .docx) is placed in a document library, you'll see a new option in the Edit Control Block (ECB) menu called Convert Document. If the file extension is .docx, the Convert Document menu option exposes another option: From Word Document To Web Page.

After a publishing site has been enabled for document conversions, site administrators will be able to configure each content type to specify how it will behave in the document conversion process. You can access these settings by going to the Site Settings page for the publishing site, selecting Site Content Types under the Galleries column, selecting a content type, and clicking the Manage Document Conversion For This Content Type from the Content Type Details page.

Document Converters

SharePoint Server 2007 ships with four document converters, which convert only Microsoft Office Word 2007 file formats (.docx and .docm), InfoPath files, and XML files. What if you have other types of files you'd like to run through the document conversion process to create Web pages from? SharePoint Server 2007 fully supports custom document converters that you build with custom code.

More Info 

Refer to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information on creating custom document converters:

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Administrator's Companion
MicrosoftВ® Office SharePointВ® Server 2007 Administrators Companion
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Year: 2004
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