Configuring a Frame Relay Map

Router(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 110 broadcast

Maps the remote IP address ( to the local DLCI number (110)

The optional broadcast keyword specifies that broadcasts across IP should be forwarded to this address. This is necessary when using dynamic routing protocols

Router(config-if)#no frame-relay inverse arp

Turns off Inverse ARP


Cisco routers have Inverse Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) turned on by default. This means that the router will go out and create the mapping for you. If the remote router does not support Inverse ARP, or you want to control broad-cast traffic over the permanent virtual circuit (PVC), you must statically set the DLCI/IP mappings and turn off Inverse ARP.

You need to issue the no frame-relay inverse-arp command before you issue the no shutdown command; otherwise, the interface performs Inverse ARP before you can turn it off.

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