A book like this doesn't happen in a vacuum, with the writer just providing text and images. Compared to the work others put in, I think I'm a minor cog in the wheel. I'd like to start out by thanking a great group of people at Peachpit who are really responsible for what you hold in your hands. Acquisitions editor Pam Pfiffner took a rough idea and helped turn it into an innovative new book. And, when things were at their most hectic, there was always a call from Pam to keep me going. Corbin Collins did a fantastic job as development editor, keeping the book on track and readable. Technical editor Jeff Greene, with whom I've had the pleasure of working previously, did his usual great work to verify accuracy. Editor Susan Rimerman kept everything moving smoothly to make sure this project met the deadlines. And Nancy Davis, Lisa Brazieal, and everyone else at Peachpit, thank you for all your support and help in making this book happen.

I also had a great deal of support from others, including Sally Smith Clemens and Jennifer Colucci at Olympus, Scott Heath at Canon, John Nack at Adobe, and Teresa Weaver at Apple Computer. And a special thanks to Tony Sweet and Laurence Chen for providing some of the images used in this book.

Finally, there are friends and others who have provided feedback, encouragement, and support with my writing. Rob Sheppard, Chris Robinson, Wes Pitts, and George Schaub have all given me the opportunity to write for the best magazines in the field. In addition to being excellent photographers and writers, they are fantastic peoplea rare combination. Friends like Charlotte Lowrie, Peter Burian, Ellen Anon, and Tony Chor have all let me bounce ideas off them with honest feedback. Jim Miotke at has given me the opportunity to teach with some of the best photographers in the business, helping me learn to present information in a way that people seem to appreciate.

My family is my inspiration, always supporting my crazy schedules and bad habit of taking on too much at once. My wife Kathy, son Ken, and daughter Erin fill me with pride, while our Lab brothers, Luke and Clay, keep me entertained and always provide photo opportunities. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want to thank you! Thank you for picking up this book among the other options available to you and for reading my other books and articles. I hope this book exceeds your expectations.

The Digital SLR Guide(c) Beyond Point-and-Shoot Digital Photography
The Digital SLR Guide: Beyond Point-and-Shoot Digital Photography
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