The Calibrate Tab

The controls on the Calibrate tab (Figure 7.43) adjust for color balance in a fashion similar to using the Channel Mixer in Photoshop. Shadow Tint controls the overall tone of the image, with adjustments to the left adding green and adjustments to the right adding magenta to the image. The remaining controls affect each color channel to increase or decrease the amount and intensity of that color.

Figure 7.43. The Calibrate tab, also only available with the Photoshop CS2 version of Camera Raw, has adjustment sliders to color balance, similar to the Channel Mixer in Photoshop.

When used with the Saturation slider on the Adjust tab, you can create monochrome images with enhanced tone, similar to using a color filter with black and white film, as seen in Figure 7.44.

Figure 7.44. Combined with the Saturation control, you can use the Shadow Tint and color controls to create toned monochrome images.

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