Deleting and Restoring Media Clips

Like everything else under the Media Management system, deletion should be done with the Project Browser because physically removing files using Windows Explorer isn't easy or safeparticularly because the filenames do not immediately allow you to identify a file.

To delete a media clip


Select the media clip in the Project Browser and press Delete on the keyboard.

A Delete dialog pops up asking if you want to delete the clip and also the corresponding media.


Do one of the following:

  • To delete the clip and any parent clip that belongs to it, select both in the dialog. If this clip is one of several Subclips, then all clips will be deleted.

  • To remove just the clip from your Project Browser, select Delete Media in the dialog. The clip remains on your hard drive.

To restore a media clip


Click the Eye icon in the Liquid Edition taskbar (Figure 4.20).

Figure 4.20. The Eye icon used to switch between interfaces.


Switch to Storyboard view by clicking the second icon up on that column (Figure 4.21). If you are using a dual screen setup, the Trash can will already be displayed on one of your monitors and, in this case, you obviously won't need to switch your view.

Figure 4.21. The Storyboard icon is second from the bottom.

The Edition Desktop is displayed with the Trash can in the upper-left corner (Figure 4.22).

Figure 4.22. The Edition Desktop and the Trash can.


Right-click the Trash can and select Open from the list (Figure 4.23).

Figure 4.23. The contents of the Trash can.

This displays a list of those files recently deleted.


Select the file you want to restore and drag it back to the Rack it came from (Figure 4.24).

Figure 4.24. A clip restored to its Rack using drag and drop.

This restores the file not only in the Project Browser, but also on the Timeline if it was used there.


  • Any media clips that are present on the Timeline but are deleted from the Project Browser will not be removed, but they will display a black screen with an "!" to indicate the associated media is missing.

  • You can also use copy and paste to restore files from the Trash to a Rack.

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