Creating Nested Menus

A nested menu is simply a menu that leads to another menu. You've seen this often on commercial DVDs; a menu leads from the main film to the bonus area where you normally find cut scenes, trailers, and perhaps interviews with the cast.

Creating a nested menu inside Liquid Edition is just a matter of adding another menu to the Timeline and then creating some extra links. However, the trick is to place the nested menu at the end of the Timeline, beyond the point where your project finishes.

To insert a new menu


Click once on the Lib tab; then open up the DVD Menu Rack.


Drag a preset or blank menu to a point after your movie finishes (Figure 12.59).

Figure 12.59. Adding a second menu after the Timeline has finished.


Open this menu in the DVD wizard, and link it to the buttons for the main film using the techniques I described in the "Adding Links" section earlier in this chapter.


  • You can also add animated buttons and an animated background to this menu. If you saved the type style from the first menu, this is a good time to use it.

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