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Understanding AJAX: Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet Applications
By Joshua Eichorn
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub Date: August 11, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-13-221635-3
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-13-221635-7
Pages: 352

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   Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development Series
   About the Author
    Part I: 
      Chapter 1.  What Is AJAX?
      Section 1.1.  Rich Internet Applications
      Section 1.2.  AJAX Defined
      Section 1.3.  Technologies of AJAX
      Section 1.4.  Remote Scripting
      Section 1.5.  Gmail Brings XMLHttpRequest into the Mainstream
      Section 1.6.  New Name: AJAX
      Section 1.7.  Summary
      Chapter 2.  Getting Started
      Section 2.1.  XMLHttpRequest Overview
      Section 2.2.  Cross-Browser XMLHttpRequest
      Section 2.3.  Sending Asynchronous Requests
      Section 2.4.  AJAX Without XMLHttpRequest
      Section 2.5.  Fallback Option 1: Sending a Request Using an IFrame
      Section 2.6.  Fallback Option 2: Sending a Request Using a Cookie
      Section 2.7.  Summary
      Chapter 3.  Consuming the Sent Data
      Section 3.1.  Document-Centric Approaches
      Section 3.2.  Remote Scripting
      Section 3.3.  How to Decide on a Request Type
      Section 3.4.  Summary
      Chapter 4.  Adding AJAX to Your Web Development Process
      Section 4.1.  Changes to the Development Cycle
      Section 4.2.  Integrating AJAX into a Framework
      Section 4.3.  JavaScript as a Primary Development Language
      Section 4.4.  Problems Created by the New Development Paradigm
      Section 4.5.  Advantages to Using a Library
      Section 4.6.  Reasons to Build Your Own Library
      Section 4.7.  How Open Source Fits into the Mix
      Section 4.8.  Use Case for Building: The Firefox Counter
      Section 4.9.  Use Case for Downloading: An Intranet Web Site
      Section 4.10.  Summary
      Chapter 5.  Getting the Most from AJAX
      Section 5.1.  Goals of AJAX
      Section 5.2.  Measuring Improvements
      Section 5.3.  Promises and Problems of Combining AJAX with Other New Technologies
      Section 5.4.  Summary
      Chapter 6.  Usability Guidelines
      Section 6.1.  Defining Usability
      Section 6.2.  Usability Guidelines
      Section 6.3.  Common Usability Problems
      Section 6.4.  Summary
      Chapter 7.  AJAX Debugging Guide
      Section 7.1.  Two Sides to Debugging
      Section 7.2.  Looking at AJAX Communications
      Section 7.3.  JavaScript Debugging Tools
      Section 7.4.  JavaScript Exceptions
      Section 7.5.  Dumping Variables
      Section 7.6.  Summary
    Part II: 
      Chapter 8.  Libraries Used in Part II: Sarissa, Scriptaculous
      Section 8.1.  Overview of the Use Cases
      Section 8.2.  Libraries Used in Part II of This Book
      Section 8.3.  Sarissa
      Section 8.4.  Scriptaculous
      Section 8.5.  Summary
      Chapter 9.  Libraries Used in Part II: HTML_AJAX
      Section 9.1.  HTML_AJAX
      Section 9.2.  Summary
      Chapter 10.  Speeding Up Data Display
      Section 10.1.  Overview of the Sun Rise and Set Data Viewer
      Section 10.2.  Building the Non-AJAX Version of the Sun Rise and Set Viewer
      Section 10.3.  Problems with the Non-AJAX Viewer
      Section 10.4.  Improving Viewing with AJAX
      Section 10.5.  Summary
      Chapter 11.  Adding an AJAX Login to a Blog
      Section 11.1.  Why Logins Work Well with AJAX
      Section 11.2.  Building an AJAX Login
      Section 11.3.  Extending the Login Form
      Section 11.4.  Implementing the AJAX Comment Login System Using XML
      Section 11.5.  Summary
      Chapter 12.  Building a Trouble-Ticket System
      Section 12.1.  Trouble-Ticketing System
      Section 12.2.  AJAX Reliance Scale
      Section 12.3.  Creating the Back End
      Section 12.4.  Exporting the Back End
      Section 12.5.  Building the JavaScript Application
      Section 12.6.  Login Component
      Section 12.7.  User-Registration Component
      Section 12.8.  Account-Editing Component
      Section 12.9.  Ticket-Creation Component
      Section 12.10.  Ticket-Editor Component
      Section 12.11.  My-Tickets Component
      Section 12.12.  Assign-Tickets Component
      Section 12.13.  Security Considerations with AJAX Applications
      Section 12.14.  Comparing Our AJAX-Driven Application against a Standard MVC Model
      Section 12.15.  Summary
    Appendix A.  JavaScript AJAX Libraries
      AJAX Toolbox
      Dojo Toolkit
      Simple AJAX Code-Kit (SACK)
      Yahoo! User Interface Library
    Appendix B.  AJAX Libraries with Server Ties
      Multiple Languages
    Appendix C.  JavaScript DHTML Libraries
      Accesskey Underlining Library (AUL)
      Dean Edwards IE7
      JavaScript Shell
      Lightbox JS
      Nifty Corners Cube

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