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License: GPL and LGPL

Languages: PHP, ASP, and PERL

CPAINT is an AJAX library that is focused on communications and supports XML and text-return types. The JavaScript API supports RPC calls and can be used in asynchronous or synchronous mode. Results are encapsulated in a CPAINT result object and can be generated on the server using a similar API. As an alternative, the results on the server can be generated automatically using a proxy API.


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License: Apache

Languages: JSP, JSF, .NET, Python, and PHP

Rialto is a JavaScript widget library with support for a number of different server languages through pluggable back ends. The widgets include drag-and-drop, treeview, popup, calendar, and forms. The pages are created using an object-oriented API in JavaScript, and page development can be done using pure JavaScript or a server API. Server-specific code includes an object-oriented API for creating widgets as well as an API for dealing with AJAX requests. Java JSP support is the most mature, but others are in early development.


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License: BSD

Languages: PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, Python, Ruby, LUA, and IO

Sajax is a simple RPC-style AJAX library. Its original focus was PHP, but support for other languages has been added over time. Some of the additional language support is under a different license than the main code. Sajax provides a procedural API and works by registering server methods and having JavaScript stubs generated for them. When you call the stub method, Sajax makes an AJAX request and then calls a callback method with the results.

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