8.7 Domino Web Access (DWA)

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8.7 Domino Web Access (DWA)

Domino Web Access (DWA), formerly known as iNotes Web Access or just iNotes, provides Notes users with browser-based access to Notes mail and Notes calendaring and scheduling features. Using Domino Web Access, a user can send and receive mail, view the calendar, invite people to meetings, create to do lists, keep a notebook, and work offline.

To set up Domino Web Access, choose "Web Browsers (HTTP web services)" during Server Setup. If you want to give users the ability to work offline, also choose Domino Off-line Services (DOLS). DOLS is not required to run Domino Web Access.

After being set up for Domino Web Access, a user can use both the standard Notes client and a Web browser to access their mail files. Because both the Notes client and Domino Web Access operate on the same underlying user mail file, read and unread marks remain up-to-date, regardless of which client is used to read the mail. Users can also synchronize contact information in their Personal Address Book with information in their Contact List in Domino Web Access.

While users simply need a name and Internet password to log on and use Domino Web Access, a Notes ID is required if a user wants to work offline and uses the Notes Client. If you want users to use their Notes Client or to work offline, be sure to create a Notes ID for each one when registering new users with the Domino Web Access template.

In the following list, we highlight some of the new features for DWA that come with Domino 6.5. For a complete list and a more comprehensive description, refer to the release notes of Domino 6.5.

  • General

    • Mozilla support - beginning in 6.5, Domino Web Access supports Mozilla 1.3 on Red Hat Linux 7.2.

    • GZIP compression - beginning in 6.5, Domino Web Access uses compression (GZIP format) to reduce network bandwidth consumption and provide better performance, particularly for users with slow network connections.

    • Customizing - Domino developers can customize the design of the iNotes template. Using Domino Designer, developers can modify the following forms to add action buttons to views or dialog boxes, provide additional choices for the Welcome Page, and replace the Domino Web Access logo with a corporate logo. For more information on this utility, see the release note "Domino Web Access Forms Customizing" in the section "Things You Need to Know - Domino Web Access".

  • Mail

    • Copy Into - when reading a mail message, users can copy the contents of the body of the message into a new calendar or to do entry. From the open mail message, click Copy Into and select New Calendar Entry or New To Do.

    • Mail database information - users can get information on the size and free space available on the mail database; in Domino Web Access Preferences - Other.

    • View unread messages - users now have a new view option that shows unread messages only.

    • Mark messages for follow-up - users can mark a message for follow-up. Priority is indicated with an icon, shown in the inbox view.

    • Secure mail - the ability to send, sign and verify Notes-encrypted messages.

    • Block sender - users can set new mail rule that blocks the mail from a specified sender.

    • Phone message - users can fill out a phone message form that is sent over e-mail to inform someone of a phone call.

    • Local archiving - users can choose to archive locally to their own workstations.

    • Internet formatting - users can choose to use Internet formatting when replying to a mail message.

  • Calendar

    • Time stamp calendar printouts - added the time to calendar printouts so that users can tell which is the most recent between two versions printed on the same day.

    • Multiple time zones - the calendar supports the display of multiple time zones in the calendar.

    • Calendar and Scheduling delegation - users can delegate the scheduling and response to meeting invitations to another user.

  • To Do

    • Users can create a group to do that can be assigned to one or more people or groups.

  • Instant Messaging

    • Instant Messaging functionality has been incorporated into Domino Web Access. This means that users can link to other Sametime® users and open chat sessions without launching the Sametime application.

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