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The publications listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a more detailed discussion of the topics covered in this redbook.

IBM Redbooks

For information on ordering these publications, see "How to get IBM Redbooks" on page 377. Note that some of the documents referenced here may be available in softcopy only.


  • Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Performance Measurement and Tuning, SG24-6926

  • Linux for S/390 and zSeries: ISP/ASP Solutions, SG24-6299

  • Linux for zSeries and S/390: Large Scale Linux Deployment, SG24-6824

  • Linux for S/390 and zSeries: Distributions, SG24-6264

  • Linux for S/390, SG24-4987

  • Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: System Management, SG24-6820


  • Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: TCP/IP Broadcast on z/VM Guest LAN, REDP-3596

  • Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: High Availability for z/VM and Linux, REDP-0220

  • Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Building SuSE SLES8 Systems under z/VM, REDP-3687

  • Partitioning DASD for Linux Guests Running under z/VM, TIPS0277


  • Domino 6 for Linux, SG24-6835

  • Lotus Domino 6 Spam Survival Guide, SG24-6930

  • Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 6, SG24-6889

  • Domino Designer 6: A Developer's Handbook, SG24-6854 for more information about DCRs

  • Lotus Domino for S/390 Release 5: Enterprise Integration Using Domino Connectors, SG24-5862 for more information on DECS and zSeries

  • Domino and WebSphere Together, SG24-5955, second edition

  • Lotus Domino for S/390: Running a Large Domino System, SG24-5984


  • IBM Tivoli Storage Management Concepts, SG24-4877-03

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